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Passion and Pride

“I was born and raced in Andalusia, once you come to visit you will understand the meaning of that in order of passion and pride for the family and our roots.
Part of my family from my dad´s side is from Jerez, the birthplace of sherry wine and I´ve been taught to love this land, and its wines, since I was a toddler. In fact every new baby born in the family is given a bottle of a very rare and old type of Sherry wine so It would be opened on their wedding day.

This is what I want to share with you, not only the good of these wines but also how they are part of our traditions, memories and lives.

Are you sharing with me such a beautiful gourmet experience in my kitchen?” – Chef Amelia.


A trip through my favorite chesses and production areas in Spain:

  • From Andalucía: goat milk cheeses: payoyo, balanchares and Olavidia (this last one won the award best cheese in the world 2021).
  • From Canary Island: majorero cheese (goat milk cheese cured in smoked paprika).
  • From Galicia: tetilla cheese (cow milk cheese).
  • From the Basque country- Navarra: Ideazábal cheese. (Cow milk cheese)


Lasting: 2 hours and a half.

Morning suggested timing: 11:00 – 13:30 (we can adapt to your program upon request if there´s availability).

Afternoon suggested timing: 17:30 – 20:00 (we can adapt to your program upon request if there´s availability).


Different milks, different environment, different method of production provide amazing and master pieces cheeses in Spain and that´s precisely what we will learn.


Drinks to pair with cheese: always the best red wine and white wine from different producing areas of Spain.

Note: please note that all the cheeses that take part of this tasting come from small local producers and they might not be in its proper time of curation so the Chef could decide to make some changes in order to preserve the quality of the experience.

Happy Moments…